Retail Business Collaboration: Jay Gee Card

Retail Business Collaboration: Jay Gee Card

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Have you ever faced this problem? Say you are purchasing a shirt at a local store and you are a member but you have too many membership cards from various business to find the right card you need. Well, we have a solution. Presenting the Jay Gee Card – Exclusive Privileges, with over 21 popular retail businesses registered in one card. This business has opened opportunities of collaborations between these retail outlets to make shopping a hassle-free experience.

As a card member you get to enjoy special discounts, offers, privileges and perks from signing up. The card is not only a membership card but also can be used as a NETS Flashpay Card to tap in on the MRT, LRT, buses, ERP gantries and used across 40,000 retail outlets in Singapore.

Talk about convenient but who came out with this ingenious idea in the first place? The man who started it all was Jhamatmall Gurbamall (J.G.) Melwani who left Penang, Malaysia in 1883 to find a better life by setting sail to Medan, Sumatra. His drive for excellence served him well as he sold the only possession he had, his slippers, to invest on a bicycle to get more goods and peddled his way to opening his own shop at the age of 27. With various successors over the past century such as Chandiram Melwani, Moti Melwani, B.H. Melwani and Tara Melwani, Jay Gee Melwani Group would not be where it is today without these visionaries. Over a hundred retail outlets and distribution contracts with all major departmental stores and wholesalers, Jay Gee Melwani Group has fulfilled their vision of aspiring “to be the leading branded lifestyle company that cares for people while remaining competitive in the market place.”

With a vast amount of experience gained through the years of facing many trails such as the Great Depression and the India-Pakistan partition in 1947, you can expect top quality service from them. Jay Gee Melwani Group also believes in giving back to the community. In 1990, the company has helped approximately 1,200 disadvantaged Sindha refugee children living in the slum areas in 13 cities in India in terms of primary and secondary education. They have also regularly supported events and organizations such as the Jesuit Refugee Service, Boys’ Town Singapore, the Interact Club, National Arts Council, National Cancer Society of Malaysia, the National Kidney Foundation, the Asian Welfare Association and the Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society. They also provided clothing to Indonesian children and Burmese refugees who had been severely affected during the 1999 Indonesian crisis.

Jay Gee Melwani Group Brands

Jay Gee Card is truly the all in one packaged. With a card that has been customed through the years to suit your needs and it gives back to society too, why not sign up for it today? Be the privileged few to enjoy special discounted rate at the following outlets:

  • Aéropostale
  • Aigner
  • Aldo
  • celio*
  • dNeiZEN
  • Dockers
  • Giuseppe Zanotti Design
  • Holland & Barrett
  • KidStyle
  • adidas Kids
  • carter’s
  • Levi’s Kids
  • Nautica Kids
  • Neck & Neck
  • New Balance Kids
  • Nike Young Athletes
  • OshKosh B’gosh
  • Puma Kids
  • Levi’s
  • Liu Jo
  • New Look
  • Nike
  • M.Lewin
  • Watches of Switzerland

Well, we feel like this is a brilliant business idea. Do you have your own creative business idea? Maybe it is even relating to business too. With Singapore big economy and huge opportunities in the retail market due to shopping playing a major part in an average Singaporean life. We would like to hear from you. What idea could you come up with to seize the good business opportunities in Singapore?


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