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    In Singapore, many registered companies focus on profits and their organisation growth but not this Singapore company where by they are established on the principals on helping others. This business came about to help parents out there who are too busy with work, house hold chores and a myriad of activities to plan a party for their precious ones. So who comes to the rescue? Flag a Hero would be the business for you.

    They are the ultimate kids party professionals, with an extensive portfolio of many satisfied clients. Flag A Hero ensures that you get top quality service from their well trained team of professionals. Their services are as follows:

    • Kids Party Photo Booth Services with Instant Prints
    • Birthday Party Photographer Services
    • Kids Party Event Photographer
    • Customised 3D/2D Birthday Cakes


    Flag a Hero Photography


    This business was started off by Ken and Yumi as being a company that helped people who need a product or service to ‘flag’ for help and someone else on the site who can get the job done for them are the ‘heroes.’ As the business expanded, they realised that kids parties seem to be a job opportunity that keeps popping up. This lead to Flag A Hero revamp, emphasising their services for children parties.

    With a portfolio ranging from various children’s birthdays in thematic forms such a Disney Princess, Marvel superheroes to even the popular adorable minions from Despicable Me. Flag A Hero with its extensive portfolio is also featured in many media mediums: E27, 987 LIVE, The Business Times, My Paper, Singapore Business. Tech in Asia, OMY, Yahoo Singapore and sgentrepreneurs. With an experience team and a wealth of positive testimonies, Flag A Hero may be the business to turn to plan a memorable event for your precious little tots.

    If you are a parent who wants a special event for your beloved child, you can contact this wonderful team of dedicated individual by a web enquiry or email or find them for consultation at 29 Mountbatten Road, #02-41, Mountbatten Square, Singapore 398007.

    Does this ignite an interest for you to start-up a business in Singapore to help children too? Business opportunities are endless for other than planning parties you could coach children in terms of sports to have a learning centre to cultivate these young and inquisitive minds. The possibilities are endless. Why not you be a hero too and save the day?

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      Have you ran out of ideas for the weekends? Want to shed some pounds during your free time but you are sick of running on that dreadful treadmill or going to one of those overly price gyms? Well, we have a solution. Presenting, Singapore’s first start-up business of an Indoor Trampoline Park – AMPED Trampoline Park.

      Packed with trampolines, foam pits and walls to do parkour; AMPED is a dream for those who just want to have some fun. Jumping on these trampolines also has its health benefits as it a very efficient cardiovascular workout.

      According to a study completed by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), trampolining is 68% more effective than running and provides equal benefits in a shorter timeframe. So jumping on a trampoline for ten minutes is equivalent to a thirty minute run. Now that is what I call a workout.

      A great business idea opened for the young and old catering to the needs often array of clients. Children can come down to play with their friends or even book the park for their birthday party. Adults can bond through team activities for company events and so much more. If you are concerned about the safety of the park, you need not fear as they staff ensure that patrons of trampoline park adhere to the strict rules set to protect them from any form of injury.


      AMPED Trampoline Park (Children)


      So what are you waiting for? Book a one hour session at AMPED and jump for joy as you get both the benefits of a good exercise as well as letting off a little steam from the stresses of life. AMPED Trampoline Park has three separate branches located all across Singapore. Details are stated below:

      AMPED Trampoline Park (Fees)

      *Prices varies based on time and location. For more details you can check out AMPED Trampoline Park website or facebook page. 

      Love to exercise and have a brilliant idea for a business start-up in this area too. With Singaporeans going into the movement of living a healthier lifestyle and changing their habits, you can use this business opportunity and even be a new game changer in the market like this trampoline park. Run with it and share your ideas, thoughts or even comments with us.

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        With the rise of themed restaurant business across Singapore has been exceptional in recent years. If you are interested in forming a company in Singapore, you may take a look at none other than the first superhero memorabilia and pop art theme restaurant in Singapore that will leave you in awe – Hungry Heroes.

        Hungry Heroes

        Hungry Heroes is a two-storey shop house located at Tessensohn Road with the first level as a restaurant while the second level is more like an art gallery featuring an array of home decorations available to be brought home at reasonable price which was source from all over the world which includes paintings, action figurines and many more. A combination of arts and foods is starting to become a new trend in Singapore.

        Many entrepreneurs start up their restaurants or cafes with the creative ideas of combining food with other interesting concepts such as foods with apparels, you may now go shopping without feeling hungry!

        Processed with VSCOcam with t2 preset
        My photos did not mange to justify how amazingly beautiful the restaurant is. I would recommend you to make a trip down and admire the display of the owner’s personal super heroes collection while brainstorming ideas of how to be your own boss. Don’t be afraid to start a business in Singapore, there are many corporate support agencies here to assist you and ensure to provide you with a one-stop service!


        Hungry Heroes HQ:

        33 Tessensohn Road
        Singapore 217656

        Mon–Thu: 4pm-11pm
        Fri & Eve of PH: 4pm-12am
        Sat: 12pm-12am
        Sun & PH: 12pm-11pm

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          “Meow,” the cat purrs as it snuggles on your lap. The picture of perfect bliss for cat lovers out there.  This friendly feline is well loved and adored by many. So what would be better than sipping a cup of coffee and playing with these adorable creatures? Sound like a good business plan? Well, let’s see.

          The world’s first cat café called “貓花” or known as “Cat Flower Garden”, was established in 1998 at the capital of Taiwan, Taipei. Originally, the café was opened to be a place for Taiwanese workers to relax but the business boomed and was well received across the world becoming a tourist hotspot. In Japan, to cater to the dense population, many citizens stay in relatively small apartments or condominiums that banned pets. To resolve this issue the country’s opened its doors to its first cat café business in 2005 called “Neko no mise” or known as “Shop of Cats.” As popularity grew, cat café starting popping up in every street of Japan from 2005 to 2010 to a whopping 79 cat café across the country.

          The huge success of cat café businesses in Japan has inspired many countries across the world to adopt this idea and our tiny red dot, Singapore, was no different. “Neko no Niwa,” which is Japanese for ‘Cat Garden’ opened in 2013 and many soon followed. These are the 3 Cat Cafes that you can visit in Singapore:


          1. Neko no Niwa

          As cat cafes around the world feature pedigreed cats, Sam and Sue owners of Neko no Niwa stand by their message of “Adopt, don’t buy!” by only featuring adopted cats.

          Sam and Sue with over 15 years of cat care experience behind them want to share the joy and knowledge of cat ownership, which seem to be lacking in Singapore. They do this by creating an opportunity for people to spend time with cats and experience for themselves what lovely, responsive and intelligent companions cats can be.

          With Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa (Japanese for ‘Cat Garden’), Sam and Sue take their first step towards changing mindsets of cats being cats are dirty, noisy and aloof’ that can’t be further from the truth.

          You can visit them at 54A Boat Quay, Singapore 049843 at the following timings: Operating hours: Mon 11am-10pm, Wed-Fri 11am-10pm, and Sat-Sun 10am-10pm. Closed on Tue. Fees are as follows: $12 for first hour, subsequently $5 per half hour.


          1. The Cat Café

          Due to HDB’s regulation, some Cat Lovers are unable to keep them as pets at their homes. The Cat Cafe aims to create an environment where this is possible. Customers can interact with these friendly feline friends in a safe and clean environment. The cats featured are either ex-stray or adopted.

          With freshly brewed coffee, top notch tea and freshly baked pastries, come down at Level 3, 241B Victoria Street, Singapore 188030 and have both your taste buds and furry instincts satisfied for $15 per entry (inclusive of a soft drink. Cat treats at $3). Operating hours are from: Mon 3-10pm, Tue-Sun 10am-10pm.


          1. The Company of Cats

          Starting as a clubhouse for cat lovers to meet and have fun, the Company of Cats is a place to have a cup of coffee is chill with these loveable felines. All their cats are either rescued, strays or abandoned.

          They hope to help raise levels of awareness for animal welfare in Singapore and inspire more understanding for these wonderful feline friends. You can pop by at 6B Mosque Street, Singapore 059486 from Tue-Fri 12pm-10pm, Sat-Sun 11am-10pm. They are closed on Mondays. Their fees are as follows: $14 for first hour, inclusive of a standard drink, subsequently $5 per half hour.


          Love animals and want to start your own company in this area too? You could set up your own cafe with your favourite domestic pet or even invent a business that could incorporate these friendly creatures. Or maybe even another more exotic type of animal? Who knows what is possible unless you be the game change and give it a go.

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          Have you ever faced this problem? Say you are purchasing a shirt at a local store and you are a member but you have too many membership cards from various business to find the right card you need. Well, we have a solution. Presenting the Jay Gee Card – Exclusive Privileges, with over 21 popular retail businesses registered in one card. This business has opened opportunities of collaborations between these retail outlets to make shopping a hassle-free experience.

          As a card member you get to enjoy special discounts, offers, privileges and perks from signing up. The card is not only a membership card but also can be used as a NETS Flashpay Card to tap in on the MRT, LRT, buses, ERP gantries and used across 40,000 retail outlets in Singapore.

          Talk about convenient but who came out with this ingenious idea in the first place? The man who started it all was Jhamatmall Gurbamall (J.G.) Melwani who left Penang, Malaysia in 1883 to find a better life by setting sail to Medan, Sumatra. His drive for excellence served him well as he sold the only possession he had, his slippers, to invest on a bicycle to get more goods and peddled his way to opening his own shop at the age of 27. With various successors over the past century such as Chandiram Melwani, Moti Melwani, B.H. Melwani and Tara Melwani, Jay Gee Melwani Group would not be where it is today without these visionaries. Over a hundred retail outlets and distribution contracts with all major departmental stores and wholesalers, Jay Gee Melwani Group has fulfilled their vision of aspiring “to be the leading branded lifestyle company that cares for people while remaining competitive in the market place.”

          With a vast amount of experience gained through the years of facing many trails such as the Great Depression and the India-Pakistan partition in 1947, you can expect top quality service from them. Jay Gee Melwani Group also believes in giving back to the community. In 1990, the company has helped approximately 1,200 disadvantaged Sindha refugee children living in the slum areas in 13 cities in India in terms of primary and secondary education. They have also regularly supported events and organizations such as the Jesuit Refugee Service, Boys’ Town Singapore, the Interact Club, National Arts Council, National Cancer Society of Malaysia, the National Kidney Foundation, the Asian Welfare Association and the Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society. They also provided clothing to Indonesian children and Burmese refugees who had been severely affected during the 1999 Indonesian crisis.

          Jay Gee Melwani Group Brands

          Jay Gee Card is truly the all in one packaged. With a card that has been customed through the years to suit your needs and it gives back to society too, why not sign up for it today? Be the privileged few to enjoy special discounted rate at the following outlets:

          • Aéropostale
          • Aigner
          • Aldo
          • celio*
          • dNeiZEN
          • Dockers
          • Giuseppe Zanotti Design
          • Holland & Barrett
          • KidStyle
          • adidas Kids
          • carter’s
          • Levi’s Kids
          • Nautica Kids
          • Neck & Neck
          • New Balance Kids
          • Nike Young Athletes
          • OshKosh B’gosh
          • Puma Kids
          • Levi’s
          • Liu Jo
          • New Look
          • Nike
          • M.Lewin
          • Watches of Switzerland

          Well, we feel like this is a brilliant business idea. Do you have your own creative business idea? Maybe it is even relating to business too. With Singapore big economy and huge opportunities in the retail market due to shopping playing a major part in an average Singaporean life. We would like to hear from you. What idea could you come up with to seize the good business opportunities in Singapore?

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